Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's been a while!

I know I pretty much just abandoned this blog overnight, and I'm dearly sorry for no warning, but it had to be done. Keeping this blog daily was costing me 1-2 hours a day with all the digital photos, editting, uploading, blogging, etc.

Well, I'm back to my old tricks with a new blog completely devoted to what I'm eating. This time will be easier and quicker for me as I'll just take the photos with my iPhone and directly upload to Blogger.

There won't be as much commentary, I'm trying to keep it simple, but the photos will be there of everything I nom on.

If you're so inclined please check it out!

Sandvich makes me strong!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Up Early" Thursday

Someone look out the window! Are pigs flying? They must be because I managed to get myself up early today to exercise!

After many attempts to get up early to exercise I finally managed to do it. I got up at 5:45 and did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It was great! I enjoyed the workout and it was just nice not getting up just to get ready for work. I'll be trying again tomorrow morning. We'll see how it goes.

Once at work I was really hungry. I made my oats with raisins, banana, and flax.

It held me over well and around noon I was ready for lunch. I had a bed of dark salad greens topped with turkey taco meat from last night and 1/3 cup of my pea guacamole. It was even better today! I'm really impressed with that Hungry Girl recipe.

Later it was snacky snack time on some cucumbers.

This evening was a bit out of sorts. Our original plans were to have dinner with a friend but something came up and that got cancelled. I figured Jesse and I would go run and then maybe get some fajitas for dinner.

Well, that plan got dashed too. Jesse had been sleeping poorly all day and wanted to try to get some more rest. So I decided to do some yoga (wow I'm really enjoying Yogamazing) and make a grilled sandwich for my dinner.

Sandwich fixins' including some sauteed onions.

Man I love grilled sandwiches! I had 1/2 a cup of edamame along with my sandwich and made a special fizzy drink. Ok it was just some orange juice mixed with diet 7up, but it was great!

One day I'll give up diet soda. One day...

It's still relatively early in the evening. I'm going to watch the NBA finals game 1 and work on some Silverlight studying.

You guys have a great evening!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yummy Italian - Wednesday


It's thundering outside and I love it. I hope it doesn't stop and ends up raining. I love when it rains IF I'm at home. Hate getting caught out in it.

Today was a pretty good day. I've started listening to yet another podcast (I listen to a few that are about my field of work already). I've started listening to the Fat to Fit Radio podcast. I like it so far. I've listened to two episodes and they are pretty good. You guys should check it out.

This morning started pretty typically. I had oats for breakfast with flax seed meal, almonds, raisins, and a banana mixed in. Mmm!

Some coffee was a nice addition as well.

Today being Wednesday I had lunch out with my friends from work. Italian was the choice and I was determined to eat healthier than I did last time we were there.

I didn't even touch this bread although it looked delicious!

There was pre-meal salad which I did have a little of minus the croutons.

A couple of photos were snapped while we waited for our meal.

Me and Tammy:

Alaina and Christa.

My lunch was from the "lite" menu. It was grilled salmon covered with sauteed tomatoes, spinach, capers, garlic and three plump shrimp. It was very good.

Trust me, there was salmon under there!

Later in the afternoon I had some honey Oikos with almonds, raisins, and the last of my fresh raspberries.

After work I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed. I really like my stylist and am happy with my hair which is unusual. lol I think next time I go I'm going to venture into the world of hair color. We'll see how that goes.

There was a quick stop on the way home to grab peas, a bell pepper, and a avocado for dinner.

I wanted to try the recipe for Holy Mole Guacamole that's in Hungry Girl's new book that Tammy gave me.

The recipe calls for peas which made me skeptical. There aren't many foods that I don't like, but peas happens to be one! I was willing to try, though.

My mashed up peas. I definitely wasn't feeling it at this point.

There really isn't much to show. After mashing the peas I added one mashed avocado, spices, and some chopped onion and cherry tomatoes.

It looks good, but how does it taste?

It was pretty good! Not exactly like guacamole, but pretty darn close. And I didn't really taste the peas (thankfully). I was pleased.

We were having turkey tacos for dinner so I had ground turkey meat cooking along with onions and peppers.

When it was all done I had two drool-worthy tacos filled with turkey, peppers, onions, a heaping spoonful of pea-guac, and a sprinkle of cheese. Yummo!

I was impressed. It was a delicious dinner.

This evening I'm avoiding the usual chai/coffee. I'm a light sleeper and while I don't think caffeine really affects me much I'm going to try laying off of it in the afternoon/evenings to see if I can sleep a little deeper. We'll see.

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Getting my yoga on" Tuesday

Good late evening!

Well, I just spent way too much time on my previous post about playing videocasts via the XBox on your TV, so this daily update is coming later than usual. I'm not falling asleep like last night at least!

I was a hungry and unmindful blogger this morning because I scarfed up my breakfast and forgot a picture! It was simple and a repeat of raisin bran cereal, milk, flax seed meal, and some fresh raspberries. Good stuff.

This is the season for berries so they are showing up cheaper at the grocery store. Scoop up these great berries to add to your diet before they go back up to $4 a pint!

Lunch came and I had leftover bulgur salad again. This will be my last time to eat this even though there is still a bit left. It's not bad, but three days in a row is enough!

Today I added extra cherry tomatoes and left out the turkey hot dogs. A banana joined me for lunch again today.

My friend Tammy is always so thoughtful. She bought the new Hungry Girl book and got an extra for me! Thank you so much, Tammy!

I can't wait to try some of these recipes out!

Snack time arrived and I went with some Oikos. Honey flavored, my favorite, was joined by some raisins and almond slivers. The almonds add a nice crunch!

My friend Becca recently tried the honey Oikos and agreed that it's quite tasty! Maybe she'll be so kind to give us a guest review here at MAR or make a post at her blog: Getting Dramatical.

Dinner tonight was at our favorite stir-fry restaurant: Genghis Grill.

I really like this place because you go through a buffet style line and fill your bowl with exactly what you want in your stir-fry. I chose chicken breast, shrimp, a couple sausage pieces, green and red bell peppers, snow peas, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and summer squash. I seasoned with garlic powder and a salt/pepper blend. The sauce I chose was honey soy which clocks in at a reasonable 143 calories per ladle. I had two ladles. A little brown rice on the bottom completes the bowl.

Soooo good!

Once home I relaxed for a bit and then decided to do a Yogamazing videocast. Jesse helped me figure out how to play it on our big TV (see previous post) so I have a wonderful big view of the videocast and plenty of room in the living room.

Afterwards it was bloggin' time! And of course coffee/chai time. Can you tell which it is tonight?

My day has been great! I hope yours has been too. Have a great evening, everyone!

How to use your XBox to play video podcasts on the TV

I've been wanting to try out the Yogamazing video podcast lately. I used to practice yoga regularly at a class but have been out of practice for a couple years now. I mentioned to my husband that I was planning to play the videocast on my laptop and try out Yogamazing to get back into yoga.

Jesse suggested I watch the videocast on our big TV. I gave him a blank stare and he said, "With the XBox!"

Oh yeah! Great idea!

Of course since he's super-hubby he also helped me figure out how to do this. Thanks, sweetie!

We did a lot of Googling and ran into a lot of dead-ends before discovering how easy this actually is. Here is a quick guide to hopefully save someone else the time we spent figuring it out.

First you'll need to have the videocast you want to watch downloaded. I use iTunes.

Next, transfer the videocast files to a thumb drive (zip drive, flash drive, whatever you want to call it). *****

If you use iTunes you'll need to figure out where iTunes saves these files. Mine are saved in the default iTunes location: \MyDocuments\MyMusic\iTunes\iTunesMusic\Podcasts.

Now you're ready to play them on the xBox. (Click any of the following pictures to see a larger image).

Connect your thumb drive to the xBox. There is a spot on the right side of the xBox where you push the panel back and see two USB ports. Here you can see my thumb drive connected:

Turn your XBox on. You'll want to use the XBox controller to go through the menus.

In the "My XBox" menu click over to one of the libraries. I always choose the video library just because I'm in video watching mode.

When you click the library you'll see a new menu with an option to pick "Portable Device". That is your thumb drive so you'll want to select it.

When you select the device you'll see the files and folders that are on your thumb drive. Here you can see my various folders including one I created for my Yogamazing videocasts. I select this folder.

Inside my folder I see the Yogamazing files I've saved to my thumb drive. At this point just select the file you want to play and voila! It will start up on your TV. Easy as that.

Now I'm ready to watch my yoga videocast!

Enjoy watching your videocasts on your big TV via the XBox!

(NOTE: We tried plugging my iPod directly into the XBox. This works great for playing my music files, but the XBox will not play the video files. It actually doesn't even show the video files for you to select. We could not get this to work and found no solution. If you know how to play videocasts directly off the iPod plugged into the XBox please let me know! That would save a step.)

Happy June Monday

Sorry I'm late on my Monday post. Typically I do my daily post in the evenings after dinner, but last night I conked out on the couch. I woke up when Jesse left for work and promptly went to bed. Zzzzz.

So here's yesterday...

Breakfast was oats with almond slivers, raisins, and flax seed meal.

For lunch I brought left over bulgur salad with left over hot dog pieces. I'm still not sure what I think of the salad. I like it enough but am not sure if I'll make it again. I added a banana on the side.

The afternoon really went by. Before I knew it the time was 4pm and I needed a snack. I went with a simple granola bar.

Dinner was really easy and really good. I made grilled sandwiches on Ezekiel bread and we had corn on the cob that was left from yesterday. Man today was a lot of leftovers but they were still great.

There was a ripe tomato in my garden so I picked it and added tomato slices to my sandwich. Delicious!

Some strawberries for dessert rounded out the meal.

And that's it! Due to falling asleep I didn't have my usual tea or coffee.

Sorry for the short post, but gotta get working! Have a great day!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Well, it wasn't really a sleepy day, but I'm definitely sleep now. I also think I have a touch of the Sunday blues. I love my job and really like the people I work with/for, so it's not really a work issue, just that I wish I had more time. Sunday evening often comes and I often feel like I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to on the weekend.

Ah well, enough moping!

I woke up this morning feeling great. I slept in till about 9ish which was great. I started my day off with a brand new bag of oats.

I added some flax seed meal, truvia, and almond slivers to my oats. Delicious.

Some strawberries on the side made the feeling of summertime sink in. Really lovely.

Because of my late breakfast I wasn't really hungry for lunch. Around noon I got in a snack, though, because I was about to leave to go see my parents and get the grocery shopping done. I knew I wouldn't be home until almost dinner time.

I tried a new Larabar: Jocalat Chocolate Hazelnut. It was ok, but I think I prefer the non-chocolate fruit bars more. I also had some honey Oikos. Mmmm....

I didn't return home until about 4pm and I was ready to eat something, but not ready to make dinner. I decided on a banana with a tbsp of peanut butter.

The latest issue of Cooking Light had a recipe that looked interesting: Bulgur Salad with Edamame and Cherry Tomatoes I decided to try it out.

I've never had or cooked bulgur before, but it was very easy. Just add equal part hot water and let sit for an hour.

Shhhhh. Bulgur sleeping!

The recipe calls for a lot of fresh herbs: flat leaf parsley, mint and dill.

Honestly, it called for a lot of ingredients. This picture doesn't show the edamame or cherry tomatoes I also added.

When it was done it did look very nice. I tried it out and it wasn't bad. The recipe calls for it to sit an hour so I left it alone and focused on the main dinner.

After an hour the salad was tastier. The flavors were starting to mesh together. I think I could do without the mint next time and Jesse said he'd prefer less lemon juice. All in all, it definitely isn't bad! A little tweaking with salt and garlic powder made it more to our tastes.

Our main dinner tonight: turkey hot dogs on the grill, corn on the cob, bulgur salad, and tator tots. We've had the bag of tots in the freezer forever so I was glad to cook them up and be done with them. I had a good few of them with my dinner. Who can resist tots?

Dinner was really good and simple (well minus the bulgur salad). It was a bit too much, though. Jesse and I were both pretty full but I had made parfaits!

Oh my these were good! Strawberries, raspberries and vanilla Oikos.

We feasted! We were both stuffed by time dinner was over.

Now I'm just finishing up the night. About to head to bed and get in a good snooze to start the week off right.

Have a great evening, all!