Monday, March 30, 2009


This was my breakfast the other day. Yogurt and cantaloupe. Delicious!

I'm wanting to try Greek yogurt but haven't yet. I hear it's healthier for you. Hmmm. Doesn't seem common place because all I see at my HEB are the typical Yoplaits and stuff. I like the store brand low fat vanilla.

This beats the old "Healthy food doesn't taste good" argument! Oh how I love vanilla yogurt with fruit! *drool*

Weigh-in Results for Monday 3/30/09


Whoa!! The challenge really DID do me good! I can't believe I lost 5 lbs in one week! Wow.

I have a suspicion that I had some water weight I was holding because I just can't believe I lost 5 lbs of fat in a week. Either way, though, I'm happy!

This puts me at 169.4. I'm in the 160's!!

Final Weekly Challenge Update

*** ROUNDS ***
Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!
Round 2 (Tuesday): 1545 Just barely over!
Round 3 (Wednesday): Ummm, yeah, I got knocked out. Tomorrow is a new day, though!
Round 4 (Thursday): 1450 WIN! Woohoo! Did great on my calories today!
Round 5 (Friday): 1455 WIN!
Round 6 (Saturday): ?? But I'm considering it a win!
Round 7 (Sunday): 1488 WIN!

Overall, I won the weekly challenge! Woohoo!!

It was great to have a goal in mind and accomplish it. Hopefully this calorie trend will continue!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sensational Snack: Cantaloupe

When I was a kid my mom used to buy cantaloupe for us all the time. I loved the stuff! Still do. This melon really ranks up there on the tasty fruit list!
Here are some of the benefits of cantaloupe:
  • Low calories
  • Tons of vitamin C (water-soluble antioxidant)
  • Tons of beta-carotene, vitamin A (fat-soluble antioxidants)
  • Vitamin A helps promote lung health
  • Good for eye health

To read more about the benefits of cantaloupe check out my source! World's Healthiest Foods: Cantaloupe

A run and a ride

So Saturday morning was beautiful! The sun was out and a cold front had passed through leaving the temps lower than they had been all week. I was pleasantly surprised that Jesse decided to come with me to the park! He was going to walk Cooper while I ran my 3 miles.

It was just gorgeous out there. I started up my run and was feeling great. I wasn't checking my HR monitor much and when I got to 2 miles I realized I was running at a 11:00 min/mile pace! Whoa! That is faster than I usually run, but I was feeling fine.

Unfortunately it wasn't to last. *Queue dooming music here.*

At about 2.25 miles my right knee started to give me some pain. Generally I just run through discomfort but pretty quickly the pain was to the point where my gait was about to be affected. I stopped, stretched, and tried again. It kept acting up.

I decided to call it and not push my knee. I think that was the best decision and today I'm glad I pulled up before the 3 miles. I'm not sure if it was the extra cold or what. Next Saturday is the Muddy Trails 5k and I hope I don't have this problem again.

Today the knee is feeling ok and I'm not having pain. That's a good sign. It worries me more when the pain holds over to later in the day or the next day.

The ride? Oh that was a car ride from Houston to San Antonio! After getting back from the park Jesse got a message that a piece of music equipment he was wanting to buy was available in SA. So off we went for a quick road trip!

It threw off my eating plans, but I was able to make smart, healthy choices while on the road. Woohoo! Yesterday was certainly one of those days when I felt in control of my food. Very powerful feeling!

Lots of chores to catch up on today so I better get moving!

Weekly Challenge Update

*** ROUNDS ***

Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!
Round 2 (Tuesday): 1545 Just barely over!
Round 3 (Wednesday): Ummm, yeah, I got knocked out. Tomorrow is a new day, though!
Round 4 (Thursday): 1450 WIN! Woohoo! Did great on my calories today!
Round 5 (Friday): 1455 WIN!
Round 6 (Saturday): ?? But I'm considering it a win!

I'm not sure of my exact calorie count yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it was within range. I'll explain more in my next post but the day started great with a light breakfast with Jesse and then some healthy snacking. We ended up going out of town unexpectedly but I had a dinner of 2 chicken fajitas loaded with onions and tomatoes. I did have a few chips and cheese but it was all very controlled.

This morning my weight showed that I had done well and the scale was actually down! Woohoo!

One more day to go (today) and then we'll see what my weigh-in is like on Monday.

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I can still run!

Well, I didn't post about the dismal run I had on Tuesday. It was disheartening to me, as disheartening as when I found out Firefly was cancelled. Man, that was a great show!

Tuesday's plan had been to run 2.5 miles. I was indoors for this run at the gym, on the dreadmill, because there were heavy, heavy clouds out and the forecast was for rain. Terrible rain. Torrents of rain headed our way!!

It didn't rain.

Anyway, so there I am getting started on the treadmill. My day had not been great up to that point and I was tired that day. So as I ran I became agitated and my legs began feeling like lead before even 1/2 a mile in. At 3/4 of a mile I seriously wondered if I could even continue.

What is this??!!?? I ran 3 miles fairly easily just 2 days ago! I can't even get to 1 mile? Oh my was I frustrated. I finally resigned myself to just running 1 mile and calling it a day. It didn't help that as I started running I was hit with the urge to visit the restroom for an extended stay (if you know what I mean).

Disappointed and frustrated I left the gym. I wondered if the people there noticed I was only there for about 15 minutes.

On Wednesday I was feeling better and wanted to try to redeem myself by heading out for a run. Thankfully I actually used my head for once and waited until today, Thursday, for my next run.

Good call, Michelle! I felt GREAT today! Yeah, I had to run on the treadmill again today (it actually was raining this time) but it didn't matter. I was zoned in and had a wonderfully comfortable run. I felt like I could run even farther! I pulled up at 2.5ish miles, though, so my longer run could be this coming weekend.

Ahhhh, it was great to have that tingling, happy, running sensation again! I know it's silly but Tuesday was the first really bad run I've had. I knew I'd have bad runs eventually, but I couldn't help the down feeling I got afterwards and the self doubt of "Maybe I can't do this."

I know, I know. What a goofy attitude. Snap out of it woman! Thankfully the run today reconfirmed that I can do this and maybe I am a runner!

The icing on the cake for the day was that I stayed on my calories. 1450 was my total. Yay!

Now, to resist the temptations of Friday - Sunday.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. =)

Round 4 Results

*** ROUNDS ***
Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!
Round 2 (Tuesday): 1545 Just barely over!
Round 3 (Wednesday): Ummm, yeah, I got knocked out. Tomorrow is a new day, though!
Round 4 (Thursday): 1450 WIN! Woohoo! Did great on my calories today!

Three days left in this week. I can do it! I want a good loss on Monday's weigh-in.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Round 3 Results

*** ROUNDS ***
Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!
Round 2 (Tuesday): 1545 Just barely over!
Round 3 (Wednesday): Ummm, yeah, I got knocked out. Tomorrow is a new day, though!

Sensational Snack: Oranges

The orange is one of my favorite fruits. Not only does it taste delicious but it's great for your body with many health benefits!

Check out some of the great things about oranges:
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Vitamin C out the wazoo! (Antioxidant - fight cancers!)
  • Boosts immune system
  • And more!

So go on and enjoy your oranges!

For more information on the benefits of oranges check out my source for the info above: World's Healthiest Foods: Oranges

Round 2 Results

*** ROUNDS ***
Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!
Round 2 (Tuesday): 1545 Just barely over!

I gotta tell ya'll, round 3 is not looking good. Doh!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's time for....


"In this corner we have the ominous, the dreadful.....SURPLUS CALORIES!!!!"

*Crowd booos!*

"In that corner we have the challenger, the calorie controller, maybe a runner MICHELLE!"

*Doing my Saturday Night Fever Dance*

"Now we're pretty straightforward here. Challenger, you must keep calories between 1300-1500 all week to avoid surplus calories' blows! Keep this clean! Go!"

*** ROUNDS ***
Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A change of pace.

Today was a running day and I needed to get in 3 miles. Ooof. 3 miles is about my top out point although I have managed to do 3.5 on a treadmill a couple weeks back.

I didn't change my running pace today, though, but I did change up where I ran. We have a great park right by our neighborhood called Gene Green park (or the Double G as myself, my husband, and the Coopster refer to it). GG has a 2 mile path which is great for running, but I needed new scenery.

Thus I headed to Friendswood which is about 30 minutes from my house. I snagged my mom on the way (who lives in Friendswood) and hit up Stevenson park.

It turned out to be a great idea! Even though the path was only 1/2 a mile the change in scenery was great. There was a lot of shade too which was welcome on this warmer spring day in Houston. As a new runner I'm dreading the heat of summer. Just thought I'd throw that out there!

After my 6 laps were done I walked back and met up with my mom. We walked another lap and talked. It was nice. I love my mommy.

I did have my first, err... casualty? of running. Injury maybe? Hmm not really. Whatever you want to call it I got a rub spot under my left arm! Ouch! It's not too bad but if I had continuned running for a while I imagine it would have been bloody raw. I guess the hem of my sleeve started rubbing and wouldn't stop.

Anyway, it stings a bit now but should be fine in a day or so. This is the first time it's happened and I'm not really sure how to prevent it. Bodyglide maybe? I'm too much of a newb to need that already! Right? Well, if it's a consistant problem I guess I'll have to join the hordes of BG/Vaseline slatherers.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a rest day... or is it?

Fridays are rest days for me. So today being Friday I don't have any official running or working out planned. (Legs: "Thank god!")

However, today I did take off work to paint my dining room. As I began painting this morning I started thinking about calories. Those calories are little punks! Always trying to form huge gangs of like 3000 and get stored away in my belly! Jerks.

We know what we have to do, eh? Burn them! BURN THEM ALIVE!!!

That's right, the good ol calorie burn. Of course our body burns calories consistantly throughout the day just to perform normal functions that keep us alive. However, our bodies don't need to burn that many calories to keep us sitting on our asses watching re-run episodes of Good Eats!

No, my friends, we must do more to burn more of those pesky calories. So in steps exercise. Exercise is the stud of the calorie burning world. Exercise is hawt!!

My post, though, is not about exercise but about remembering that we burn calories doing all sorts of stuff! Like.... painting a dining room! As I sat there painting along the trim of my dining room (no not sitting watching Good Eats - although I do love that show!) I was smiling knowing that I was burning some extra punkass calories.

So if you have a room to paint, a yard to mow, housework to do... Don't despair over the lameness of the chore, but rejoice in the extra calorie burn you're getting by doing something you have to do anyways. Yay!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ok, maybe zoom is a bit of an exaggeration, but I ran my fastest mile yet tonight!

So I hit up the park after work. My usual stomping grounds. The place is packed which is typical. People playing tennis, playing basketball, skating at the skate park, riding bikes, walking, running, and ...eating KFC. Hehe I guess that's people watching with a bucket of fried chicken.

I do my warmup walking with some high steps and such (no, small sweaty person, I am not in a marching band!) and then start off for my 2 miles.

Now, I must explain, dear as-of-yet-non-existent reader, that I'm not exactly what you would call.... oh.... fast. I'm new to running and basically plod along around a 11:30 pace on my runs. Of course running makes me feel like an Olympian! I trot around the park path with my trusty HR monitor and Ipod, secretly giving the stink eye to the walking gangs that hog up the whole path.

But, yeah, I'm just slowly cruising along at a slow pace. And I'm good with that.

Today though. Today! I get about 3/4 into my run and realize I'm breathing heavier than usual. "Wow what's up with this breathing?" I wonder. A quick glance at my HR monitor shows that I'm way ahead of my usual time at this distance! Wow! Since I'm so close to the mile mark I push on at the pace I have and finish the mile in 10:35. Woohoo! That is a mile PR for me!

I was excited but had to slow it down for the 2nd mile. I finished that one up in 11:20, still faster than my usual.

So it was a good running day. I didn't intend to run faster than usual, I just didn't look at my monitor as much as usual to realize I was holding a quicker pace after my start.

What does it all mean? All this faster than usual running? Are my legs going bionic? Was I possessed by Pheidippides? Or am I actually, you know, getting better?

Hahaha! Why now that's just silly. It must be the bionics.

Ahoy maties!

So, I've decided to take another stab at blogging. Dun, dun, duuunnnn!!!!

For the past year a good portion of my life has revolved around health, fitness, weight loss, and the various aspects that come along with those topics. Anything from 'How many calories is a pound?' to 'Why does my pee smell like a bat guano slushie after I eat asparagus?'

I've pondered these deep thoughts to myself and now, dear readers...reader...crickets?

Anyway, like the gazillion of bloggers before me I've decided to display my thoughts in this wonderful blog fashion.

I hope that anyone who may read this will enjoy it. If nothing else it'll be a nice journal.

With that said, welcome to Maybe a Runner!