Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a rest day... or is it?

Fridays are rest days for me. So today being Friday I don't have any official running or working out planned. (Legs: "Thank god!")

However, today I did take off work to paint my dining room. As I began painting this morning I started thinking about calories. Those calories are little punks! Always trying to form huge gangs of like 3000 and get stored away in my belly! Jerks.

We know what we have to do, eh? Burn them! BURN THEM ALIVE!!!

That's right, the good ol calorie burn. Of course our body burns calories consistantly throughout the day just to perform normal functions that keep us alive. However, our bodies don't need to burn that many calories to keep us sitting on our asses watching re-run episodes of Good Eats!

No, my friends, we must do more to burn more of those pesky calories. So in steps exercise. Exercise is the stud of the calorie burning world. Exercise is hawt!!

My post, though, is not about exercise but about remembering that we burn calories doing all sorts of stuff! Like.... painting a dining room! As I sat there painting along the trim of my dining room (no not sitting watching Good Eats - although I do love that show!) I was smiling knowing that I was burning some extra punkass calories.

So if you have a room to paint, a yard to mow, housework to do... Don't despair over the lameness of the chore, but rejoice in the extra calorie burn you're getting by doing something you have to do anyways. Yay!

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