Sunday, March 29, 2009

A run and a ride

So Saturday morning was beautiful! The sun was out and a cold front had passed through leaving the temps lower than they had been all week. I was pleasantly surprised that Jesse decided to come with me to the park! He was going to walk Cooper while I ran my 3 miles.

It was just gorgeous out there. I started up my run and was feeling great. I wasn't checking my HR monitor much and when I got to 2 miles I realized I was running at a 11:00 min/mile pace! Whoa! That is faster than I usually run, but I was feeling fine.

Unfortunately it wasn't to last. *Queue dooming music here.*

At about 2.25 miles my right knee started to give me some pain. Generally I just run through discomfort but pretty quickly the pain was to the point where my gait was about to be affected. I stopped, stretched, and tried again. It kept acting up.

I decided to call it and not push my knee. I think that was the best decision and today I'm glad I pulled up before the 3 miles. I'm not sure if it was the extra cold or what. Next Saturday is the Muddy Trails 5k and I hope I don't have this problem again.

Today the knee is feeling ok and I'm not having pain. That's a good sign. It worries me more when the pain holds over to later in the day or the next day.

The ride? Oh that was a car ride from Houston to San Antonio! After getting back from the park Jesse got a message that a piece of music equipment he was wanting to buy was available in SA. So off we went for a quick road trip!

It threw off my eating plans, but I was able to make smart, healthy choices while on the road. Woohoo! Yesterday was certainly one of those days when I felt in control of my food. Very powerful feeling!

Lots of chores to catch up on today so I better get moving!

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