Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Challenge Update

*** ROUNDS ***

Round 1 (Monday): 1323 WIN!
Round 2 (Tuesday): 1545 Just barely over!
Round 3 (Wednesday): Ummm, yeah, I got knocked out. Tomorrow is a new day, though!
Round 4 (Thursday): 1450 WIN! Woohoo! Did great on my calories today!
Round 5 (Friday): 1455 WIN!
Round 6 (Saturday): ?? But I'm considering it a win!

I'm not sure of my exact calorie count yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it was within range. I'll explain more in my next post but the day started great with a light breakfast with Jesse and then some healthy snacking. We ended up going out of town unexpectedly but I had a dinner of 2 chicken fajitas loaded with onions and tomatoes. I did have a few chips and cheese but it was all very controlled.

This morning my weight showed that I had done well and the scale was actually down! Woohoo!

One more day to go (today) and then we'll see what my weigh-in is like on Monday.

Have a great Sunday!

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