Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ok, maybe zoom is a bit of an exaggeration, but I ran my fastest mile yet tonight!

So I hit up the park after work. My usual stomping grounds. The place is packed which is typical. People playing tennis, playing basketball, skating at the skate park, riding bikes, walking, running, and ...eating KFC. Hehe I guess that's people watching with a bucket of fried chicken.

I do my warmup walking with some high steps and such (no, small sweaty person, I am not in a marching band!) and then start off for my 2 miles.

Now, I must explain, dear as-of-yet-non-existent reader, that I'm not exactly what you would call.... oh.... fast. I'm new to running and basically plod along around a 11:30 pace on my runs. Of course running makes me feel like an Olympian! I trot around the park path with my trusty HR monitor and Ipod, secretly giving the stink eye to the walking gangs that hog up the whole path.

But, yeah, I'm just slowly cruising along at a slow pace. And I'm good with that.

Today though. Today! I get about 3/4 into my run and realize I'm breathing heavier than usual. "Wow what's up with this breathing?" I wonder. A quick glance at my HR monitor shows that I'm way ahead of my usual time at this distance! Wow! Since I'm so close to the mile mark I push on at the pace I have and finish the mile in 10:35. Woohoo! That is a mile PR for me!

I was excited but had to slow it down for the 2nd mile. I finished that one up in 11:20, still faster than my usual.

So it was a good running day. I didn't intend to run faster than usual, I just didn't look at my monitor as much as usual to realize I was holding a quicker pace after my start.

What does it all mean? All this faster than usual running? Are my legs going bionic? Was I possessed by Pheidippides? Or am I actually, you know, getting better?

Hahaha! Why now that's just silly. It must be the bionics.


  1. Hey there maybe. I have to say, that your 11 something mile is not so bad. When I started running at the end of April 2007 I was running around a 13 min mile. I have since finished 9 marathons and 4 ultramarathons. My mile is now done to around 6:13 or so. It is amazing what some running and weight loss will do.

    Cool blog and you had me laughing on several fronts. Keep up the great and fantastic work.

  2. Thanks, Jason! That is very encouraging. I'm sure with time I will improve and I need to resist the "Want it NOW!" mentality. lol

    Thanks for reading!