Sunday, April 5, 2009

Completed my first race!

Yesterday was the Muddy Trails 5k. This is the first ever race I've entered.

I was a bit nervous about how everything worked, how I would do, and just nervous in general at doing something new. Turns out all the nerves weren't necessary (are they ever?).

We got to the park just in time. I picked up my chip and saw my friends Tammy and Mike. About 5 minutes after that we were lining up to start the 5k!

Jesse came with me to cheer me on and take pictures and he so nicely held my stuff for me. Then we were off!

The first and last part of the run were on the road, but I'd say 90% of the run was on a trail through the woods. It was really nice! All the shade kept things cool and the path was soft. Actually too soft in some spots! A few areas had been filled with sand which is not too easy to run in. Also you had to watch out for tree roots, ruts in the path, and other things that might trip you up!

I had intended to keep a slow pace at first but of course when the first mile marker showed up I was truckin' along at a 10:30 mile pace! Whoa! I tried to slow up but just felt good so I kept going.

At first I was passed by a good bit of people but about 1/2 a mile in and onward I was doing most of the passing. I think other people started off too fast and then had to walk. I was able to maintain my running most of the way.

There were two water stations and I walked at both to have a drink. The water really refreshed and I had more energy once I started running again.

In the last mile there was a long, steady incline area that was tough, but I ran it out and kept going. Just a little after that you had to run down a steep incline into a ditch type area and then back up the other side. Holy smokes! I walked the down part because at this point, about 2.5 miles in, I was getting tired and the steepness of the decline was a bit intimidating. I didn't want to trip up and tumble down it.

After that I got back to the running and soon hit the pavement of the final stretch! I could see the finish line!! I started sprinting the last 1/4 mile. My goal was to finish in under 35 minutes. To my surprise I finished in 33:10!!! Woot! Crazier than that is when I checked my actual chip time it was 32:38, iirc. I want to double check once it's posted on the internet, but the times aren't up yet.

Either way, I am happy. The race was really well organized and a lot of fun! I beat my time goal by a lot and just felt good when it was over. I was concerned about my knee bothering me during the run but it never acted up at all. This morning it's not bothering me either. That is a major win!

Tammy and Mike did great too! I believe they both beat their times from the previous year. Woohoo!

So thanks to Tammy for suggesting Muddy Trails 5k to me. I'll definitely be doing this race again next year!

Once I get my pictures uploaded I will post them!

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