Sunday, April 19, 2009

Delightful Dinners: Pasta with marinara, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions

Jess over at See Jess Run always inspires me with her great "Food for Fuel" posts. Recently she had a post about her pasta dinner and it looked delicious! She had added zucchini and mushrooms to her pasta and I thought, "I love those veggies. Why don't I add those to mine?"

So I decided to. At my recent trip to Whole Foods I picked up an organic zucchini and some Texas mushrooms as well as an organic onion to add to my pasta dish. Usually I just eat my pasta with the jar sauce. How boring! I was really looking forward to my healthy additions.

Veggies chopped and ready to get cooked:

Into the pan!

And finally, the dish is complete with pasta and marinara sauce. Mmmmm...

It was sooo good! I can't imagine not doing this to my pasta from here on out.

Thanks, Jess, for the inspiration!


  1. I don't like zucchini or mushrooms, but that looks yummy!

  2. Thanks guys!

    Tammy - Hey you can always add whichever veggie you like. :)

  3. Hey thanks for the shout out! Your pasta looks great. Soooo easy, right?

  4. No prob, Jess. You and a few other bloggers are very inspirational to me and I appreciate what you guys do!

    Yep, really easy. I wonder why I didn't do this before.

  5. I will pay you to make me some of that! Those are basically all my favorites as well...

  6. Mee meeeee I'll pay you to make me this dish, basically all my favorites as well I LOVE MUSHROOMS..

    Looks yummy..

  7. Hah! I'd make you some for lunch at work but we'd need a stove. =P