Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Food Review: ESSN Pomegranate Limeflower Energy Drink

So this morning in walks our intern, Josh. He plops down a can of ESSN Energy Drink on mine and my officemate's desk.

He laughs, "Just try it! Just try it!"

We're suspicious. I mean, as our intern it is his duty to bring us gifts. But, this?

"150 calories??!!!?? I'm not drinking this!" I demand.

"Oh suck it up and just try it."

I refused, but I did promise to try it with Jesse at home and give it a review.

This one's for you, Josh.

So first of all, I'm not really an energy drink kinda gal. I could go into the reasons, but let's just say I'm not.

Also, at 150 calories and 37 g of sugar it's not something I'm likely to consume often if at all. But I'm game. I'll at least try it.

The can was pretty, at least on the front.

Sorry, I just don't like drinking so many calories!

Jesse was first up to give it a try. He checks it out first.

I think it made him drunk!!

Bottoms up!

It was....ummm....tasty?


Sorry, Josh, but that stuff was terrible! In all honestly I've yet to try an energy drink that I thought tasted good. However, I think Dusty (my officemate) was spot on when he said it smelled, and possibly tasted, like nail polish remover. I also thought it tasted like cough syrup. Yech!

Now fetch me my coffee, intern boy!


  1. Never trust an intern...especially Josh!

  2. Haha I hate energy drinks. I also hate drinking calories unless they contain alcohol. :)

  3. ha ha! Good review and I agree with all that was said, but I did some how end up drinking all of mine.

  4. Jess - Give me Bailey's on ice and I change my tune. lol

    Josh - Wow I don't know how you managed to finish it.