Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hittin' the Weights

As much as I'd like to just run and nothing else, I have to admit that lifting weights has really helped shape my body up some. The main benefit, imo, is the afterburn affect of lifting weights. I love the thought of having a way to improve my body's efficiency at burning calories while at rest!

Today was a lifting day so I hit the gym after work. I don't mind doing weight training, and once I'm into my workout I actually enjoy it quite a bit. There is one aspect of weight training at the gym that I don't like....

Yes! The over-the-top gym guys!

Now, it's not that I mind someone who's into abnormally large muscles. That's fine if it's your thing. What I don't like are the looks I get from *some* of those guys when I'm trying to use the free weights. It's like I'm in the "Boys Only" area of the gym. Perhaps this is all just me being self concious but I honestly feel like some of them wish the pansy girl would get out of the way.

Hey, I pay my dues just the same. I need this bench! lol

Anyway, I admit to a few rolls of the eyes when they have a group of onlooking boys around them and are grunting out some weight lift. Whatever floats your boat, dude.

Besides that, I enjoy the weight lifting. The benefits are great too! Increased strength, better calorie burn. Plus I'm really trying to help my legs out by building up my knee joints and overall muscles to help make my running smoother.

Just two more days till the race! Tomorrow I'll be resting and then Saturday afternoon is fun time at the 5k!

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