Friday, April 24, 2009

Homemade Maple Cinnemon Almond Butter

So The Hungry Yogini is always talking about adding her homemade maple Cinnamon almond butter to food she eats. It sounds delicious!

I've never had almond butter before, but I thought what the heck? I'll try to make my own from her recipe.

I picked up the ingredients on my last grocery trip so I was ready to go.

First you need to coat the almonds with the Cinnamon and maple syrup and prepare them for roasting.

As they roast the whole house smells great! After taking them out of the oven I just wanted to start snacking on the roasted almonds, but I resisted.

One thing I noticed after the roasting is immediately after taking them out of the oven I could move the almonds around. They were in sticky maple syrup goo, but they were movable. After letting them cool 5 minutes some of them were practically cemented onto the pan! I had to pop them off with a butter knife.

Next it's into the food processor for grinding. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of this step at all. Next time I'll have to remember.

I think I was distracted by the noise of the food processor. I haven't used it much so I wasn't expecting the loudness of the grinding. I had to put in ear plugs!

Safety first! lol

Finally the almond butter was complete. Mmmm! Looks good!

For my first time making this, it wasn't bad! I added a little too much salt and I could have let the almonds grind a bit longer as the AB is a bit gritty still, but it's good. After leaving it in the frig overnight it tasted even better the next day!

Thanks to The Hungry Yogini for a great recipe!

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  1. I love almond butter. That looks really good.