Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trying something new

So, lately my eating habits and food choices have been horrid. I KNOW I should be eating better and I KNOW that what I was eating was terrible for me. The results of my poor choices have certainly shown up on the scale.

I need to get back on track, and I will because I'm ready to and done with all the junk food, but I have one problem: I'm bored. Basically I've been eating a lot of the same stuff for quite a while. Same breakfast meals, same lunches, same snacks, same dinners.

Solution? Well, it's pretty easy - try some new stuff!

I've heard all the rave about hummus but have never tried it. I'd like to make my own (I'm really starting to want to get away from pre-packaged stuff) but figured I'd try something from the store first to see if I even like it.

At the store today I picked up some garlic and chive flavored hummus. Mmmmm already sounds good! I decided to try it with some sort of cracker.

I ran into a bit of a cracker dilemma at the store. I wanted something organic, that looked good, and didn't cost a fortune. Even though our Kroger and HEB are the super stores with an organics section, I still couldn't find anything I wanted to try cracker-wise. I finally just snatched some melba toast and figured I'd try to find something better at Whole Foods another day.

Once home I dove in and tried it out. It was good!! A little different from what I expected but tasted good. So hummus and melba toast will be a new snack for me this week.

It's so easy to get into a rut with food. I'm determined to keep things interesting and of course healthy. :)

While at the store I decided to simplify my life even more by adding two more shakers to my countertop collection for garlic powder and seasoned salt. My hubby will be happy about this!

Making healthy choices easier is always good.


  1. mmmm...hummus...I love hummus. Personally, I think the regular hummus is the best and it's really easy to make! So, were you able to buy two salt shakers as a pair? ;)

  2. Haha! I tried to get the manager to sell me two salts as a set!

  3. Ooooooh.... I haven't had any hummus in months! I may have to pay a visit to a Greek or Turkish place soon to get my fix. ;)

  4. Vince - This is what I'm talking about! Apparently there is much hummus goodness to be found. I'm sure what I tried is mediocre in comparison so since I like the basis of hummus I'll have to seek out these specialties soon.

  5. I love hummus. It's easy to make your own if you have a food processor.

  6. That's what I've heard, that's it's easy to make. I do have a processor so I'm going to have to give it a try when I finish off the store bought stuff. :)

  7. I love hummus. Especially on a wrap or pita spread with good. Low in fat and in carbs. great! Trader Joe's has some great flavors to choose from I love the horseradish flavored hummus and Tribe brand is good too. Enjoy:)

  8. Thanks for the suggestions, Kristi! I wish we had a Trader Joe's here in Houston but so far they haven't built any nearby. Hopefully in the future they will.