Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Well, it wasn't really a sleepy day, but I'm definitely sleep now. I also think I have a touch of the Sunday blues. I love my job and really like the people I work with/for, so it's not really a work issue, just that I wish I had more time. Sunday evening often comes and I often feel like I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to on the weekend.

Ah well, enough moping!

I woke up this morning feeling great. I slept in till about 9ish which was great. I started my day off with a brand new bag of oats.

I added some flax seed meal, truvia, and almond slivers to my oats. Delicious.

Some strawberries on the side made the feeling of summertime sink in. Really lovely.

Because of my late breakfast I wasn't really hungry for lunch. Around noon I got in a snack, though, because I was about to leave to go see my parents and get the grocery shopping done. I knew I wouldn't be home until almost dinner time.

I tried a new Larabar: Jocalat Chocolate Hazelnut. It was ok, but I think I prefer the non-chocolate fruit bars more. I also had some honey Oikos. Mmmm....

I didn't return home until about 4pm and I was ready to eat something, but not ready to make dinner. I decided on a banana with a tbsp of peanut butter.

The latest issue of Cooking Light had a recipe that looked interesting: Bulgur Salad with Edamame and Cherry Tomatoes I decided to try it out.

I've never had or cooked bulgur before, but it was very easy. Just add equal part hot water and let sit for an hour.

Shhhhh. Bulgur sleeping!

The recipe calls for a lot of fresh herbs: flat leaf parsley, mint and dill.

Honestly, it called for a lot of ingredients. This picture doesn't show the edamame or cherry tomatoes I also added.

When it was done it did look very nice. I tried it out and it wasn't bad. The recipe calls for it to sit an hour so I left it alone and focused on the main dinner.

After an hour the salad was tastier. The flavors were starting to mesh together. I think I could do without the mint next time and Jesse said he'd prefer less lemon juice. All in all, it definitely isn't bad! A little tweaking with salt and garlic powder made it more to our tastes.

Our main dinner tonight: turkey hot dogs on the grill, corn on the cob, bulgur salad, and tator tots. We've had the bag of tots in the freezer forever so I was glad to cook them up and be done with them. I had a good few of them with my dinner. Who can resist tots?

Dinner was really good and simple (well minus the bulgur salad). It was a bit too much, though. Jesse and I were both pretty full but I had made parfaits!

Oh my these were good! Strawberries, raspberries and vanilla Oikos.

We feasted! We were both stuffed by time dinner was over.

Now I'm just finishing up the night. About to head to bed and get in a good snooze to start the week off right.

Have a great evening, all!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surprising Saturday

Good Saturday evening, all!

Today has been an interesting day. I've enjoyed it for the most part but did get some surprising news I wasn't expecting. However, it led me to have dinner with some friends which was nice. We should start with breakfast, though!

Jesse and I had our typical pre-run snack/breakfast: Toasted whole grain Ezekiel with organic peanut butter. I added a glass of water to hydrate some before the run.

We had a great run! Jesse ran 25 minutes straight which was a new high for him. It totalled about 2.15 miles. Very nice and enjoyable. Looks like we'll be doing 2-3 miles straight pretty regularly soon.

After showering and cleaning up we hit up an old favorite place to eat: Flaming Wok. They have delicious food including spring rolls. I also got the Mongolian chicken dish but after the tasty spring rolls I only ate a little of it. Good leftovers, though!

As I said, I had dinner with some friends tonight. We met at a Mexican restaurant called Chuy's. They have a great chicken enchilada plate called the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Boom boom is what they call their special sauce.

It was a pleasant evening. After dinner I stopped by the Whole Foods that was nearby and picked up a few staples. I'll be trying a new recipe for a salad tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

Going to finish up the evening by watching the Magic win their series against the Cavaliers. With chai, of course.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy Friday, everyone!

Don't you just love Fridays? I enjoy my job a lot, but there's just something about the freedom of the weekend that is great.

This morning I wanted milk soaked cereal and I got it. I went with a cup of organic skim milk in my raisin bran along with organic flax seed meal and a banana.

After a quick run to the bank I was ready for lunch. I just went with left over chicken from last night's dinner. It was definitely very good still! In hindsight I wish that I had brought along some salad greens and had the chicken on a bed of greens, but it was still good.

I also had a few melba toast and a Larabar with lunch. The Larabar pictured was the cocoa mole flavor. I did not like it at all! I guess I didn't realize what it would be because I was surprised by the spice and to find out it had chili flavor in it. I ended up dumping the cocoa mole and having the lemon bar instead.

No snack today. I just didn't get hungry and my afternoon went by quicker than I expected. I'm not really sure why, nothing major happened. Ah well. :)

Dinner tonight was at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yep the same location where this disaster happened.

Thankfully I was in better control today. I do admit to having a few chips with queso first, but with this chicken salad for dinner I felt much more in control than with the burger I had the time before.

It was a pretty good salad: chicken, greens, pico, and some cheese. The chicken had a bbq sauce drizzle and they gave me some ranch on the side that I fork dipped.

Now it's just time to relax. What better way to relax on a Friday night than to have a cup of coffee and study up on Silverlight! :)

And just because....

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yard Work Thursday


So this morning started off pretty good. I actually woke up and felt awake! Unusual for me as I am not a morning person.

Once at work I was ready to dive into my cereal for breakfast.

I added some organic ground flax seed meal and a banana.

It was very yum! Although I think I need to add more milk. The cereal tends to get mushy with all the milk absorbed into the cereal. I've been having 1/2 a cup but may bump it up to 3/4 cup.

Around 9am I was ready for my morning coffee.

I really wasn't interested in a big or heavy lunch today. Instead of a "normal" lunch meal I decided to get a smoothie from Smoothie King. The Pineapple Pleasure it very nice and when you make it skinny only 270 calories for 32 oz!

Some sliced cucumbers with salt/pepper were nice on the side.

Yesterday I received the new cap for my Sigg bottle. I haven't used it in quite a while because the old lid had some sort of smell issue. Don't ask.

My boss is a member of a "Wine of the Month" club. Today he received his package of two bottles of wine to try. He so kindly gave me one of them. Apparently he doesn't care for Shiraz and that's what this bottle was. Hey I'll try it!

I had an impromptu afternoon meeting that lasted longer than I thought it would. By time the meeting was over I was ready for a snack.

Blueberry Oikos and some raisins hit the spot!

As the title says, today was yard work day. Yard work is fun to me! I like cutting the grass and doing the edging. I feel like I'm really giving the yard a nice manicure. It was a nice day too. Warm and sunny (although hot is really the more appropriate term these days).

Once finished with the yard and cleaned up with a shower, it was time to cook up dinner.

The garden in my backyard has produced two tomatoes so far. One isn't ready to be picked, but the other was so I picked it for my dinner salad. I was anxious to try it because it's the first veggie from my garden that's ready to be eaten.

Last weekend I picked up a couple wine tools to help me out with new bottles. A foil cutter and new corkscrew made my life much easier when it came time to open the bottle of wine my boss gave me.

Dinner was chicken, a sweet potato and a salad with feta and my home grown tomato. The tomato was delicious!

The dinner was great. The day has just been great! Time to relax with my cup of coffee (don't worry the chai will return).

I hope your Thursday has been as nice as mine. Enjoy Friday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Update Wednesday

Hey guys!

Just a quick update to let you all know there won't be a main post today. I will be back in full swing tomorrow, though!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bad Blogger Tuesday

I've been a bad blogger, guys!

So this morning I was all excited because I had a box of Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran that I was going to have for breakfast this week. I was thinking about what, if anything, I would add to it and just excited for breakfast. So I made my bowl, added some sliced almonds and a banana and.... CHOMPED IT DOWN!

As I was walking to the office kitchen later at lunchtime I realized: Crap! I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast!

Tsk, tsk, tsk I thought as I warmed up my lunch.

I sat down at my desk and proceeded to CHOMP DOWN MY LUNCH without taking a picture! Gah! lol

Well, I did snap this when I finally pulled my camera out. An empty bowl that did have peppers, onions, and beef/chicken from last night's kabobs. I also had a few melba toast. The Devonsheer melba toast was very good! And organic!

We had dinner at a local tex-mex restaurant. I got chicken fajita tacos. I really like the fajita meat at this restaurant because they use very little oil on the skillet. The chicken is excellent! Some lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, and a bit of cheese make these tacos superb.

In other news: I bought a weight set! I've decided I want to try to move my gym workouts to home. Since I mostly only use the free weights at the gym anymore I figured I could easily setup a home gym and save the expense of my gym membership.

I haven't cancelled at the gym yet, but this evening Jesse and I converted our guest bedroom into a half workout room. We'll probably add more workout equipment as we go and figure out what all we need. I'm excited!

It's been a great day! Hope you all are having a great one too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Monday!

Good evening, all! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day. I certainly have.

The morning started off by sleeping in until 8am. I love sleeping and honestly could sleep 9-10 hours a night. I'm trying to change that, but if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that getting up early is not my forte!

I snagged a breakfast "snack" before our run. Another PB toast on Ezekiel whole grain bread. Man I love that bread. So dense and delicious.

After our run I decided to give Cooper a bath outside. He's too big to get bathed inside so now that the weather is warm enough, he was due! Plus he was very hot from our run so the cool water from the hose was welcome.

After Cooper's bath and a shower for myself, I was starved! Jesse and I decided to hit up McAlister's.

I wanted the same salad I had a few days ago, but it wasn't on the menu! What the?

Ugh. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted after that surprise so I went with an old standby of a French Dip with fruit. It was yummy as usual.

Unfortunately when we got home, Cooper got up to greet us with a limp. He seems to have an injury. Last Saturday after our run Jesse said he limped some after taking a nap. We thought maybe he slept wrong, but today's limp confirms it must be the running.

So our 4-legged running buddy won't be joining us any time soon. I think the distance is getting to be too much for him. Jesse and I also knew that the heat would soon be too much for him as well. Poor guy, he loves going with us but we'll have to only take him for long walks again once he's healed up.

I ran a bunch of errands today and even made an exciting purchase which I'll talk more about tomorrow. Once home I was starving again! It was about 5pm and close to dinner time, but I needed something to hold me over.

Some sliced cucumber and a new hummus were my snack of choice. Holy crap! This hummus is AWESOME! Ok, so it's only the second hummus I've tried, but it's far superior to the first hummus.

It's called Athenos Hummus. I got the Greek Style flavor and it was very good, very fluffy texture.

For dinner I was very excited. I planned to try making kabobs! I've never made these before but I figured how hard can it be? I grabbed some peppers and onions along with chicken and steak for my kabobs.

All assembled and ready for the grill. Just need to douse in some seasoning.

Me make fire!

They didn't take long and soon we're cooked to almost perfection (a few pieces got a little too charred.

I don't think it really fit the meal, but I decided to have a side salad with my favorite dressing and some feta cheese.

A couple corn tortillas warmed on the grill were a nice addition as well.

It was delicious! I think marinating the meat would be better next time, but the seasoned grilled beef and chicken was excellent still.

As usual these days, after dinner I'm now watching the NBA playoffs and having some cha..... HOLD UP! That's not chai in my cup! Is that..... coffee?



Tomorrow is back to work! No case of the Mondays this week. ;)


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Break

I took a bit of a break from blog photos today (well sorta a break and sorta forgot my camera).

I will admit to having not one, but two cups of this..

May even have a third!

Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend!