Sunday, May 24, 2009

Babies Galore Saturday!

Saturday was full of baby news! First, my boss' wife had their baby late Friday night. Welcome to the madhouse Madison!

Also, I had a baby shower to attend to on Saturday. First, though, I needed to get in a quick bite to eat and a run in with Jesse and Cooper.

Pre-run snack: Ezekiel whole grain bread with organic PB. One for me and one for Jesse.

Then off to the park! We snapped a couple pictures of us with our 4-legged running buddy.

Today wasn't the most nutritious day but it wasn't terrible either. I never felt that I over ate which is my biggest battle.

Jesse and I went to Kelley's restaurant for a late breakfast/early lunch before the baby shower. I ordered a dish that came with eggs, bacon, and two pancakes. The thing about Kelley's, though, is that their portions are HUGE! Between my meal and Jesse's we could have fed a family of four.

Here's my main breakfast plate. Jesse shared some of his hash browns with me. I gave him two of my pieces of bacon in exchange.

Look at Jesse's chicken fried steak! Good god that is huge.

My pancakes. They were exactly what I wanted but I only managed to eat about 1/2 of them.

I was stuffed! Good thing, though, as I was able to resist the many temptations that were at the baby shower.

For dinner last night we just had a frozen pizza. This was a extra thin, crispy crust cheese pizza by Red Baron. Not too bad.

That was pretty much my day. Again, not very nutritious, but I felt that I didn't overeat which is a good thing for me.

Today we're planning to catch a movie. Either Angels and Demons or the new Star Trek. Choices, choices. Have a great day, all!


  1. The new Star Trek movie is darn fine flick. Even people that wouldn't have described themselves as "Trekkies" are having a good time at it.

    And was that chicken-fried steak pic necessary? I tacked on half a pound with just a glance!

  2. Yeah I'd like to see the Star Trek movie but the way the timing worked out we saw Angles and Demons. It was good!

    Haha sorry about the pic. I should put a disclaimer on this blog: "Warning, possible unhealthy pics ahead!"