Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buffalo chicken my way

During my less than stellar days of eating, I just loved some good hot wings! Now that I'm trying to have a more balanced diet and striving to be healthier as much as possible, hot wings just don't calculate in very often.

However, I discovered what many of you already know: Frank's hot sauce is the SHIZ!

This stuff tastes just like hot wing sauce! Wow it's great! So now I pan cook chicken breast chunks in a little Pam olive oil spray and then dip in some Frank's for a healthy hot wing sensation. Mmmm!

Tonight I added half a sweet potato and some steamed cabbage. A plate of goodness.

(I forgot to add on my Frank's before the picture! Trust me there was much Frank's goodness going on with that chicken.)

After dinner I decided to treat myself to half a cup of ice cream with some Cinnamon sprinkled on. A cup of chai makes it a yummy dessert.


  1. I have a tear in my eye you really are using it.. :*( For once, I feel used and complete.. effing phoneapp

  2. LOL I told you I really like that cup. :) If it's not dirty it's the first one I grab.

  3. I need to try that Frank's sauce.