Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Monday!

Good evening, all! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day. I certainly have.

The morning started off by sleeping in until 8am. I love sleeping and honestly could sleep 9-10 hours a night. I'm trying to change that, but if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that getting up early is not my forte!

I snagged a breakfast "snack" before our run. Another PB toast on Ezekiel whole grain bread. Man I love that bread. So dense and delicious.

After our run I decided to give Cooper a bath outside. He's too big to get bathed inside so now that the weather is warm enough, he was due! Plus he was very hot from our run so the cool water from the hose was welcome.

After Cooper's bath and a shower for myself, I was starved! Jesse and I decided to hit up McAlister's.

I wanted the same salad I had a few days ago, but it wasn't on the menu! What the?

Ugh. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted after that surprise so I went with an old standby of a French Dip with fruit. It was yummy as usual.

Unfortunately when we got home, Cooper got up to greet us with a limp. He seems to have an injury. Last Saturday after our run Jesse said he limped some after taking a nap. We thought maybe he slept wrong, but today's limp confirms it must be the running.

So our 4-legged running buddy won't be joining us any time soon. I think the distance is getting to be too much for him. Jesse and I also knew that the heat would soon be too much for him as well. Poor guy, he loves going with us but we'll have to only take him for long walks again once he's healed up.

I ran a bunch of errands today and even made an exciting purchase which I'll talk more about tomorrow. Once home I was starving again! It was about 5pm and close to dinner time, but I needed something to hold me over.

Some sliced cucumber and a new hummus were my snack of choice. Holy crap! This hummus is AWESOME! Ok, so it's only the second hummus I've tried, but it's far superior to the first hummus.

It's called Athenos Hummus. I got the Greek Style flavor and it was very good, very fluffy texture.

For dinner I was very excited. I planned to try making kabobs! I've never made these before but I figured how hard can it be? I grabbed some peppers and onions along with chicken and steak for my kabobs.

All assembled and ready for the grill. Just need to douse in some seasoning.

Me make fire!

They didn't take long and soon we're cooked to almost perfection (a few pieces got a little too charred.

I don't think it really fit the meal, but I decided to have a side salad with my favorite dressing and some feta cheese.

A couple corn tortillas warmed on the grill were a nice addition as well.

It was delicious! I think marinating the meat would be better next time, but the seasoned grilled beef and chicken was excellent still.

As usual these days, after dinner I'm now watching the NBA playoffs and having some cha..... HOLD UP! That's not chai in my cup! Is that..... coffee?



Tomorrow is back to work! No case of the Mondays this week. ;)



  1. Sounds to me that you had a pretty good day. Hope Cooper heals up fast.

  2. Those kabobs look absolutely mouthwatering!