Sunday, May 17, 2009

The misery of bad food choices.

Time to confess: I still struggle a lot with making on-the-fly food choices. When I plan out my week things go very well and generally the work week is pretty easy.

However, when the weekend comes I often fall apart and make poor choices. Usually my poor choices aren't that big of a deal (there are MUCH worse things out there to eat).

I want a healthy balanced life, but that doesn't mean that I'm never going to have pizza or a burger or ice cream again. I'm a big believer in moderation.

Moderation is not what happened yesterday.

Long story short: Jesse and I hit up Bayou City Wings for lunch yesterday. This is what I ate -

Half a large order of chili cheese fries
A buffalo chicken sandwich with the works: ranch dressing, buffalo sauce, mayo, bread, etc.
Waffle fries (because the chili cheese fries apparently weren't enough)
Probably a cup of ketchup

I don't know why, but I lost all sense of moderation, stopping when full, and making at least some attempt at having a healthier version of the meal.

When we left I felt miserable. I was still miserable when we got home. I was still miserable after taking a 2 hour nap! OMG!

It was terrible. My body just can't handle that kind of onslaught of unhealthy foods.

With that said, I'm just moving on. I definitely don't want to re-live that experience. However, I do want to become more accountable for my food choices, though.

I've decided to attempt to document most of what I eat. The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Let's hope there's not too much ugly!)

Hopefully I won't bore you guys or drive you away with all the food talk, but I'd like to give this a try. I have to admit I'm inspired by Kath at KERF and Tina at Carrots and Cake. I really enjoy their food blogs so hopefully MAR won't be boring but somewhat helpful to others who struggle like I do. I'm definitely not an expert and this is simply my attempt at changing my life and becoming healthier in many aspects.

Of course I'll still be reporting on my running and Jesse's running. I still hope that maybe I'm a runner!

So I've babbled on long enough. Prepare for the food onslaught!

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  1. I hope blogging your food choices helps. I know I've been doing a poor job too. If I can help in some way, let me know!