Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pearland Pear Run Results

The Pear Run was great today! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because Jesse ran this one as well. It was his first 5k and he did awesome!

The race was well organized. The course took you around the park loop and then out through the neighborhood outside the park. There were a few residents outside cheering us on which was nice, especially at such an early hour (race start was 7am).

I think I ran well. I tried not to go out too fast and kept a steady pace. Of course I turned on the sprint (well, sprint to me haha) on the last stretch before the finish mat.

According to my Garmin I PR'ed by 7 seconds but I haven't seen the official chip times yet.

Jesse did awesome!! After finishing I walked for a couple mins to bring down the HR, grabbed some water and started heading back to see where he was at. Before I expected I saw him! He was probably only about 5 minutes behind me. He finished strong and I was so happy for him!

Tammy and Mike were also there. Mike was WAY ahead of us as usual. lol I saw him walking back just as I was re-entering the park. He hooked up with Tammy and she finished strong!

The race had quite the spread. Fruit, bagels, other breads, pizza, and many drinks. I couldn't resist grabbing another water and onion bagel. Mmmm.

Afterwards Jesse and I hit up some breakfast then home for a nap.

The only downside is that my right knee is bothering me a bit. It started to act up during the run but was bearable. I iced it when we got home so hopefully that'll help, but it is hurting me some now. Bummer. Oh well just have to deal with it and let it heal up.

I was hoping to run into Vince ("slugline" on RW) but I didn't see him before or after the race. He was running the 10k and it would have been nice to meetup. Hopefully next time!

All in all I give the Pear Run a thumbs up and will probably do it again next year!


  1. Congrats on a PR! And congrats to Jesse as well.

  2. Congrats to you and the hubby. Sorry I missed y'all. So, what event is the next tour stop for the Maybe a Runner series?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Vince - I think we've decided on the Dad's Day 5k on June 20th. I'll make a new post soon about it. :)

  4. We got blocked in the park for a while because some people were still finishing the 10K. Had I known that, I would have so hit the food...especially if I'd known they had onion bagels!