Thursday, May 21, 2009

Refreshing Thursday

Today was much better than yesterday! I put my poor choices behind me and successfully enjoyed my healthier food today. My body certainly is thanking me for it.

I did wake up really, really thirsty which is unusual for me. I'm guessing it was the salty foods from last night.

Ahh refreshing.

The morning started off as usual with oats. I had coffee again too. I love coffee and even though I've thought about giving it up I don't think my 1-2 cups is really an issue.

My oats had organic raisins, organic flax seed meal, banana, and sliced almonds. I didn't include the Truvia today and found the oats were plenty sweet without.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch today. We had a celebration lunch for my boss because he/his wife is about to have a new baby. My team all went to Chili's and I ordered the guiltless buffalo chicken sandwich. It was very good! Grilled chicken topped with veggies, a tad of light ranch, and a buffalo sauce that tasted a lot like Frank's.

Here's a picture from the net - just imagine with some buffalo sauce on there. There was also a side of steamed broccoli. Very good!

This afternoon my co-worker/friend Alaina hooked me up with a cover for my Blackberry! I had been using a bulky clip style holder and was ready to be rid of it. She had an extra cover and gave it to me. So nice. Thank, Alaina!

My snack was honey Oikos. The honey version is definitely my favorite. I added a box of organic raisins on top. Mmmm. I had another cup of coffee which I probably shouldn't of had, but I couldn't resist a nice afternoon cup!

I was determined to have a fresh, healthy dinner. I knew I'd be cooking chicken but I decided I wanted a big salad instead of the usual fare with rice.

A quick stop at Kroger grocery and I also had peppercorn feta cheese to top my salad with.

Veggies ready to go!

Chicken ready to go!

I topped my veggies with my favorite low cal dressing: Newman's Organic Lighten Up Balsamic.

Sliced up chicken and feta on top and I was rockin' and rollin'. The salad turned out bigger than I expected but that was fine by me.

While at the grocery store I also picked up a new bottle of wine to try.

This meal just looked beautiful. Thankfully it was also delicious! The freshness of the salad really hit the spot after the heavier foods I've had.

I'm happy to say the wine was very good too! I'm still getting used to wine, but this Merlot was much easier to drink than the previous wine I tried. It had less bite and I enjoyed a nice half glass of it.

You'll have to forgive me for not posting up a picture of some chai. I'm about to make a cup and enjoy the rest of my evening watching the NBA playoffs.

Have a great night!

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  1. Looks like a great day of food with a lot of healthy and yummy choices. I drink coffee every day too. It's my vice, what can I say? :)