Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday night dinner

After the gluttony of lunch I just wanted something light for dinner. We would have made dinner at home but needed to run to Fry's which is a good ways from our house. So we stopped in at McAlister's Deli for dinner. Jesse and I both love McAlister's and it's definitely a healthier restaurant option.

I did have to look at this cookie eater when we first sat down, but I resisted taking a bite.

I chose something different from the menu and got the Fiesta Chicken salad. It looked delicious (and was)! I only ate a couple of the chips and left the sour cream scoop behind. The fork dip method helped me eat only about a tablespoon of dressing.


Of course I had some tea too.

So much better than the crud I had for lunch!


  1. Me too! Funny when I was at college in Tuscaloosa my husband and I used to eat McAlister's all the time. When we moved back to Houston we were sad about not having McA's. When they started popping up we were ecstatic!