Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surprising Saturday

Good Saturday evening, all!

Today has been an interesting day. I've enjoyed it for the most part but did get some surprising news I wasn't expecting. However, it led me to have dinner with some friends which was nice. We should start with breakfast, though!

Jesse and I had our typical pre-run snack/breakfast: Toasted whole grain Ezekiel with organic peanut butter. I added a glass of water to hydrate some before the run.

We had a great run! Jesse ran 25 minutes straight which was a new high for him. It totalled about 2.15 miles. Very nice and enjoyable. Looks like we'll be doing 2-3 miles straight pretty regularly soon.

After showering and cleaning up we hit up an old favorite place to eat: Flaming Wok. They have delicious food including spring rolls. I also got the Mongolian chicken dish but after the tasty spring rolls I only ate a little of it. Good leftovers, though!

As I said, I had dinner with some friends tonight. We met at a Mexican restaurant called Chuy's. They have a great chicken enchilada plate called the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Boom boom is what they call their special sauce.

It was a pleasant evening. After dinner I stopped by the Whole Foods that was nearby and picked up a few staples. I'll be trying a new recipe for a salad tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

Going to finish up the evening by watching the Magic win their series against the Cavaliers. With chai, of course.

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