Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tasty Tuesday?

Today was definitely an interesting food day!

The morning started off normal enough with my bowl of oats at work. I added in flax seed meal, organic raisins, a tablespoon of PB, and a banana. Mmmmm...

Well, I already abandoned the cauliflower soup. I just couldn't do it again! So I joined up with some co-workers who were going to Quiznos. I decided to try one of their new torpedo subs. I got the turkey pesto. Sounded yummy!

Unfortunately it was rather flavorless. The pesto had hardly any flavor! I ate half the torpedo and put the other half in the frig for tomorrow. Maybe I can bring something from home to help flavor it up some.

A crispy pear was a nice addition!

Around 3pm I was ready for my snack. Vanilla Oikos with PB, almonds, and raisins was just right.

As I said yesterday, tonight we were having dinner with our friends Gin and Bran. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant that Jesse and I used to eat at a lot a few years ago. It was still delicious!

I HAD to start with their spring rolls.

Omg I love these spring rolls! I tried to take it easy on the peanut sauce, but it wasn't easy. I am happy to report I at least didn't eat all the sauce.

Dinner arrived at the table and every one's dish looked so good.

I had chicken with broccoli and vegetables:

Jesse had to go with the sweet and sour chicken, of course - his fav! Sauce was separate:

Gin got sesame chicken:

Doesn't that look good?

I'm not sure what Bran's dish was called, but it looked very good as well:

One cool thing I had forgotten about this restaurant is that they serve you orange slices after dinner:

Of course I had to...

Gin joined...

Ahhh dinner with good friends! =D

It was a wonderful dinner. So now I'm just wrapping up the lovely evening blogging and watching the NBA playoffs. Of course I have my chai for the evening.


  1. My dish was fried tofu with mixed veggies. It was great having dinner with y'all again.


  2. what the heck is flax seed?

  3. Good question. Check this post out: http://maybearunner.blogspot.com/2009/04/benefits-of-flax-seed.html

  4. I'm jealous of your Tuesday!

  5. Love the updates you've done. It certainly sounds like you're enjoying the process of exploring new recipes.

    I like it when a restaurant serves orange slices at the end instead of fortune cookies. Eating the orange probably portends a better fortune for us anyway, right?

  6. Jess - It was a very good Tuesday for sure. :)

    Vince - Thanks! Definitely better fortune with the oranges. I wish more restaurants offered fresh fruit as a dessert option.