Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Lunch: Black Bean Soup

I was in a hurry last night to get this soup cooking so I didn't get any preparation pics. Sorry!

This week I made the black bean soup recipe from Cooking Light. The prep is very easy - throw together black beans, broth, onion, and a few spices and let it cook in the slow cooker for 10 hours. Easy!

Funny story...

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought to myself, "Ugh WHAT is that smell? Is that Cooper? He must be burping or farting or something. Ugh."

It was so bad I covered my nose with the sheets to try to get back to sleep. It wasn't working. "Maybe Cooper got sick on the bed. God that smells."

Finally I got up to go to the rest room. I guess I woke up more because it finally dawned on me that the smell was the black bean soup cooking downstairs! Wups!

Not a good sign. hehe

Anyway, once up for the day I came downstairs and it smelled better there. It looked ... ok. I can't say I'm super excited about this soup, but I'm hoping it will surprise me today at lunch and be good.


  1. I keep snickering at poor, unjustly accused Cooper. "God that smells"