Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekly Lunch: Cauliflower Soup

This week's lunch is Cauliflower soup from Cooking Light November 2008

This recipe calls for hazelnut oil but unfortunately I couldn't find any today at the store. Other than that I've made the recipe accordingly.

After last week's disappointing black bean soup I'm hopeful this soup will turn things around because this recipe sounds really good! Cooking Light claims it is only 87 calories per cup!! Holy cow that's low. It's almost hard to believe.

I started off by chopping and roasting the cauliflower and garlic.

Next up was to saute the sliced onion. While that was cooking I squeezed out the roasted garlic.

Once the onions are cooked you add milk and chicken broth to the pot. Let this simmer for about 10 minutes then add the garlic and cauliflower.

Next up is to simply blend the soup in your blender. Easy!


Of course I had to make a small taste to try out! It was ok. I'm thinking this will be much better than last week's black bean soup and hopefully it'll thicken up overnight in the frig.

Ready for the week!

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