Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight gain Wednesday

Yep, I said weight gain.

Today was not a good day. However, I said I was photo logging everything: good, bad, and ugly, so here we are.

The day started off good with breakfast. I was really hungry this morning and almost forgot to take my picture! So here are half eaten oats with organic raisins, organic flax seed meal, Truvia, and a banana. I also had coffee this morning.

On Wednesdays I always have lunch out with some of my co-workers. We have a book club going with the four of us and on Wednesdays we have lunch and discuss the book.

Since I always bring my lunch to work Wednesday is usually a day I try to be good at lunch but do cut myself a little slack.

Today, I could have chosen a healthier option at lunch, but I wanted pasta! I ordered linguine sauteed in olive oil with olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms. It was very good. Thankfully I listened to my body and stopped once full. I ate about 2/3 of the portion. Not too bad.

Of course there was salad and bread as well. I had a plate of salad and a couple pieces of bread. Should have passed on the bread, but ah well.

The best part is I get to have lunch with my friends from work. Unfortunately Tammy couldn't be with us today but here are Alaina and Christa!

This afternoon I had a banana bread Larabar for my snack. I completely forgot the picture though. Doh!

Once home Jesse and I went running. We are doing 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk break between. It's tougher for Jesse but he's sticking with it! I know he'll adjust to it and soon this new interval will be a breeze for him.

After our run, well, things started getting bad. That terrible, tiny thought started creeping into my head as I showered...

Micheeelllllleeee. You don't really want to coooooooook. Noooooooo. You want to go oooouuuuuutttt.


No, I should cook us dinner here at home. We just went out last night! Plus, I can tell my guard is down. I can tell it would be unhealthy choices.

But Micheeeelllllllleeeee. You don't want to coooookkkk!

Yeah, I don't. I could just make a frozen pizza for us. That would be better than going out!

I asked Jesse what he wanted to do for dinner. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings.

What you are about to see is not pretty, my friends. I'm ashamed and I have the gas to prove it.

Why do I continue to eat this garbage? It makes me feel TERRIBLE. Not just physically but emotionally too. My body doesn't deserve to have that crap put into it.


What to do? Continue on. I've changed my lifestyle so much in the past year. I know I'll be able to change this too, it just takes time. The majority of the time I feel very good about what I eat and I certainly couldn't have said that a year ago. I just didn't expect to have another episode like this so soon after last Saturday's fiasco.

Ok. I've fessed up, time to move on. Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Oh, the regret! But what you write is spot-on. Try to put that decision in the past and make the next choice a good choice.

    Now I'm thinking about wings, by the way. Thanks!

  2. It's tough to eat right all the time. You're just having an off week! You'll get back to making better choices in no time!