Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yard Work Thursday


So this morning started off pretty good. I actually woke up and felt awake! Unusual for me as I am not a morning person.

Once at work I was ready to dive into my cereal for breakfast.

I added some organic ground flax seed meal and a banana.

It was very yum! Although I think I need to add more milk. The cereal tends to get mushy with all the milk absorbed into the cereal. I've been having 1/2 a cup but may bump it up to 3/4 cup.

Around 9am I was ready for my morning coffee.

I really wasn't interested in a big or heavy lunch today. Instead of a "normal" lunch meal I decided to get a smoothie from Smoothie King. The Pineapple Pleasure it very nice and when you make it skinny only 270 calories for 32 oz!

Some sliced cucumbers with salt/pepper were nice on the side.

Yesterday I received the new cap for my Sigg bottle. I haven't used it in quite a while because the old lid had some sort of smell issue. Don't ask.

My boss is a member of a "Wine of the Month" club. Today he received his package of two bottles of wine to try. He so kindly gave me one of them. Apparently he doesn't care for Shiraz and that's what this bottle was. Hey I'll try it!

I had an impromptu afternoon meeting that lasted longer than I thought it would. By time the meeting was over I was ready for a snack.

Blueberry Oikos and some raisins hit the spot!

As the title says, today was yard work day. Yard work is fun to me! I like cutting the grass and doing the edging. I feel like I'm really giving the yard a nice manicure. It was a nice day too. Warm and sunny (although hot is really the more appropriate term these days).

Once finished with the yard and cleaned up with a shower, it was time to cook up dinner.

The garden in my backyard has produced two tomatoes so far. One isn't ready to be picked, but the other was so I picked it for my dinner salad. I was anxious to try it because it's the first veggie from my garden that's ready to be eaten.

Last weekend I picked up a couple wine tools to help me out with new bottles. A foil cutter and new corkscrew made my life much easier when it came time to open the bottle of wine my boss gave me.

Dinner was chicken, a sweet potato and a salad with feta and my home grown tomato. The tomato was delicious!

The dinner was great. The day has just been great! Time to relax with my cup of coffee (don't worry the chai will return).

I hope your Thursday has been as nice as mine. Enjoy Friday!

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