Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Getting my yoga on" Tuesday

Good late evening!

Well, I just spent way too much time on my previous post about playing videocasts via the XBox on your TV, so this daily update is coming later than usual. I'm not falling asleep like last night at least!

I was a hungry and unmindful blogger this morning because I scarfed up my breakfast and forgot a picture! It was simple and a repeat of raisin bran cereal, milk, flax seed meal, and some fresh raspberries. Good stuff.

This is the season for berries so they are showing up cheaper at the grocery store. Scoop up these great berries to add to your diet before they go back up to $4 a pint!

Lunch came and I had leftover bulgur salad again. This will be my last time to eat this even though there is still a bit left. It's not bad, but three days in a row is enough!

Today I added extra cherry tomatoes and left out the turkey hot dogs. A banana joined me for lunch again today.

My friend Tammy is always so thoughtful. She bought the new Hungry Girl book and got an extra for me! Thank you so much, Tammy!

I can't wait to try some of these recipes out!

Snack time arrived and I went with some Oikos. Honey flavored, my favorite, was joined by some raisins and almond slivers. The almonds add a nice crunch!

My friend Becca recently tried the honey Oikos and agreed that it's quite tasty! Maybe she'll be so kind to give us a guest review here at MAR or make a post at her blog: Getting Dramatical.

Dinner tonight was at our favorite stir-fry restaurant: Genghis Grill.

I really like this place because you go through a buffet style line and fill your bowl with exactly what you want in your stir-fry. I chose chicken breast, shrimp, a couple sausage pieces, green and red bell peppers, snow peas, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and summer squash. I seasoned with garlic powder and a salt/pepper blend. The sauce I chose was honey soy which clocks in at a reasonable 143 calories per ladle. I had two ladles. A little brown rice on the bottom completes the bowl.

Soooo good!

Once home I relaxed for a bit and then decided to do a Yogamazing videocast. Jesse helped me figure out how to play it on our big TV (see previous post) so I have a wonderful big view of the videocast and plenty of room in the living room.

Afterwards it was bloggin' time! And of course coffee/chai time. Can you tell which it is tonight?

My day has been great! I hope yours has been too. Have a great evening, everyone!

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