Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to use your XBox to play video podcasts on the TV

I've been wanting to try out the Yogamazing video podcast lately. I used to practice yoga regularly at a class but have been out of practice for a couple years now. I mentioned to my husband that I was planning to play the videocast on my laptop and try out Yogamazing to get back into yoga.

Jesse suggested I watch the videocast on our big TV. I gave him a blank stare and he said, "With the XBox!"

Oh yeah! Great idea!

Of course since he's super-hubby he also helped me figure out how to do this. Thanks, sweetie!

We did a lot of Googling and ran into a lot of dead-ends before discovering how easy this actually is. Here is a quick guide to hopefully save someone else the time we spent figuring it out.

First you'll need to have the videocast you want to watch downloaded. I use iTunes.

Next, transfer the videocast files to a thumb drive (zip drive, flash drive, whatever you want to call it). *****

If you use iTunes you'll need to figure out where iTunes saves these files. Mine are saved in the default iTunes location: \MyDocuments\MyMusic\iTunes\iTunesMusic\Podcasts.

Now you're ready to play them on the xBox. (Click any of the following pictures to see a larger image).

Connect your thumb drive to the xBox. There is a spot on the right side of the xBox where you push the panel back and see two USB ports. Here you can see my thumb drive connected:

Turn your XBox on. You'll want to use the XBox controller to go through the menus.

In the "My XBox" menu click over to one of the libraries. I always choose the video library just because I'm in video watching mode.

When you click the library you'll see a new menu with an option to pick "Portable Device". That is your thumb drive so you'll want to select it.

When you select the device you'll see the files and folders that are on your thumb drive. Here you can see my various folders including one I created for my Yogamazing videocasts. I select this folder.

Inside my folder I see the Yogamazing files I've saved to my thumb drive. At this point just select the file you want to play and voila! It will start up on your TV. Easy as that.

Now I'm ready to watch my yoga videocast!

Enjoy watching your videocasts on your big TV via the XBox!

(NOTE: We tried plugging my iPod directly into the XBox. This works great for playing my music files, but the XBox will not play the video files. It actually doesn't even show the video files for you to select. We could not get this to work and found no solution. If you know how to play videocasts directly off the iPod plugged into the XBox please let me know! That would save a step.)


  1. Very cool!! You've opened a whole new world of possibilities!

  2. Isn't technology great?!